Why Choose Us

The Mrs. India Diva’s which a part of Divas Beauty Pageant system is a global, inclusive organization that celebrates women of all cultures and backgrounds and empowers them to realize their goals through experiences that build self- confidence and create opportunities for success.

A platform for the independent minds, the kind hearts & the nomadic souls our organization believes that confidence is the most important quality for a person to possess. We provides platform to all married woman to show their talent, idea and passion.

  1. National Directors for 6 International Pageants
  2. Grooming from the best Industry Proffesionals
  3. Professional advice

DIVAS pageant has several categories under which anyone from age group 3 to 45 can participate. THE contestants who enters this prestigious pageant embarks a life changing journey.. so if you want to change your monotonous routine, want to explore talent AGE IS NO BAR .Boost your confidence,follow your dreams,be a role model of the society and lets prove the world, that women can bring lots of change in the society.

Thanking Diva's will be a very small thing to do as I feel Divas has given me a new identity in this world.Strong I was, but now I am More confident and feel more Alive.Thank you Divas.


It was a wonderful experience with Divas beauty Pageant...unlike other Pageant the environment was very friendly all the team of Divas and Binny ma'am and Suraj sir was very supportive.

Prerna Srivastava

Participating in Divas beauty pageant is one of the best thing I have done in my life. I was very comfortable while the sessions were going on. The way these people work is very nice and I strongly recommend females to join Divas. Thanks to Divas that I have regained confidence in my life.

Jaya Kumari

Our Winners